Our beers


Golden Gate IPA

Bridge Brew House pride and first handcrafted beer is the Golden Gate India Pale Ale, a single hop IPA. It is made with Centennial hop from Yakima Valley Washington,  Pale Ale Malts from The Swaen in Zeeuws Vlaanderen and tapwater from the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. We refined this hoppy, but sweet brew over & over again till batch 13 was damn good and ready to be sold

Our Golden Gate always tastes good, but best when enjoyed slowly in a wine glass. Golden Gate IPA is a good friend of with charcoaled red meat. You’ll taste the caramel malts popping up nicely.


Mystico Tropical Pale Ale

Mistico is a Tropical Pale Ale that's heavily hopped with the best Azacca, Idaho 7 and El Dorado hops. Its got a serious citrus aroma and a soft smooth texture that gives way to a sneaky clean finish. It marries our passion for Pale Ales with juicy citrusy hops. 


Tower Stout

Our Brexit friend, across the canal, but always close. This is our darkest beer with an amazing Chocolate and coffee aroma. Chocolate, Coffee and Stour is the ultimate combination! It’s brewed with the same Centennial hops as his IPA sister, but with darker (roasted) malts, of course again from our friend of the Swaen. 

You enjoy Tower Stout from a typical English Pint with food that combines with chocolate too. You might take pumpkin soup or a grilled chicken with carrots and when in season mussels or other seafood.


Tower Barrel Aged Stout

The rich Uncle of our Tower Stout; this is the Barrel Aged version. The result is a refined taste with the same strong notes of coffee and chocolate from a heavy dose of dark malts. Dry-hopped with our favorite Centennial hops and aged in Jack Daniels barrels makes this one of our favorite and most iconic brews.

You enjoy our Barrel aged stout best on a typical winter evening as a delicious treat to you and your friends. In case you want eat something with it everything that goes well with chocolate will do.


Longfellow New England IPA

This New England style IPA is as Fresh, Fruity and Hazy as it gets! Hopped with the best Azacca, El Dorado and (our favorite) Centennial Hops. We've gone all in experimenting dry-hopping this hop bomb, packing our tanks with more dry-hops than they can even hold. Pine, Citrus and Floral notes are setting this NEIPA apart. 

You enjoy our Longfellow NEIPA best with seafood, especially lobster! Try it and you’ll like it. Nothing surprising for a beer that finds its origin alongside the coast of New England, USA.


Skinny Weizen

Skinny Bridge Weizen aka skinny. Our traditional 21st century unfiltered Hefeweizen. A light and refreshing beer with strong notes of banana, cloves and citrus. It is brewed with Hallertau hops and 70% white wheat malts. Coriander whirlpooling gives our skinny a tiny bit of spice.

You enjoy our Skinny Weizen almost any moment, but even better on a sunny day. Joost, one of our founders, prefers food pairing with a good caesar salade or pulled pork. Anything with roasted chicken or pork will do. Imagine yourself sitting at the beach on a sunny day with a light breeze and a glass of Bridge brew House…….


On our way to many more!