Our beers


Golden Gate IPA

Bridge Brew House pride and first handcrafted beer is the Golden Gate India Pale Ale, a single hop IPA. It is made with Centennial hop from Yakima Valley Washington,  Pale Ale Malts from The Swaen in Zeeuws Vlaanderen and tapwater from the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. We refined this hoppy, but sweet brew over & over again till batch 13 was damn good and ready to be sold

Our Golden Gate always tastes good, but best when enjoyed slowly in a wine glass. Golden Gate IPA is a good friend of with charcoaled red meat. You’ll taste the caramel malts popping up nicely.


Brooklyn Session IPA

Brooklyn Session is the easy-going brother of our Golden Gate IPA. Lower in alcohol % due to a higher water to Malt ratio. However still hoppy and fresh. Our Brooklyn Session IPA is brewed with 3 hops. Magnum, Cascade and Centennial. We use Crystal and Pale Ale Malts from the Swaen. In case you are not used to drink IPA’s - Brooklyn Session is a nice entry level. 

Enjoy it in a tall glass with a nice Indian Curry. It sweetens the mouth after a spicy bite. Hop and Spicy taste are good friends. 


Tower Stout

Our Brexit friend, across the canal, but always close. This is our darkest beer with an amazing Chocolate and coffee aroma. Chocolate, Coffee and Stour is the ultimate combination! It’s brewed with the same Centennial hops as his IPA sister, but with darker (roasted) malts, of course again from our friend of the Swaen. 

You enjoy Tower Stout from a typical English Pint with food that combines with chocolate too. You might take pumpkin soup or a grilled chicken with carrots and when in season mussels or other seafood.


Yellow Pilsener

Yellow is a special story that evokes discussions within Bridge Brew House till today. Do we really need to brew a pilsener? Hell yeh, we grew up with Pilsener. It might be our only mainstream beer, but not brewed a mainstream way. Strangely enough it is the most difficult brew.  We brew it with utmost care at several temperatures. Than give it enough time to grow up. It takes 14 days of fermentation and 14 days of lagering to become a deliciously Bridge Brew House worthy handcrafted Pilsener. It is made with Hallertau and Northern Brew Hops. The Malts that we use are Crystal and Pilsener.

Just sip our Yellow Pilsener from a bottle or take an ordinary beer glass, preferably a ‘Fluitje’. Drink it fast or slow. Our favorite food combination is the so-called Dutch ‘bitterbal’ with mustard and mayonnaise or ‘happen 2’.

On our way to many more!