What we stand for

Bridge Brew House. Handcrafted in full transparency from farmer to consumer.

Bridge Brew House believes that knowing all about your beer just tastes better.  Therefore, our handcrafted brews are radically transparent. 

We go for one of a kind single estate beers. We are well underway, but aren’t there yet. Luckily we get help from our supplier the Swaen. They love our idea. Imagine all ingredients that come from known sources. Like our Centennial Hop from Oregon. No bull shit, no secrets. A proud farmer producing a unique product. This is our way forward. You won’t get any more clarity than that.

Though we strive for a continuous typical Bridge flavor using unique ingredients from single estate means potentially unique taste too. Every batch is influenced by weather, soil, ingredients, brewing condition, even the focus of Maarten, our brew master counts. So you might be positively surprised one beer after another.

It took a year and a half to brew some really good beers. Now our brews are small batches of 200 Liters a day. All based on our own recipes. One kind of beer each batch. Currently brewing approximately 10.000 Liters a year.

In case you are curious about our brews and brewing process just see our Batch information on the website or hop by in our microbrewery. To manage your expectations…Don’t expect any romance over there in this life stage, we’re still in puberty. It's just a warehouse in an industrial area near Utrecht. Probably you’ll find Maarten over there, working his ass off to bring you our crafted beer. In case you want to be certain we’re present, just give a mail or ring upfront.

Our beers are sold in a growing number of bars and stores that love our story. Try it out, Cross that Bridge! 

Pssst, we’re not there yet.  The more you drink (you only live twice), buy, give away and tell your friends, the faster we will fulfill our dream; open our first Bridge Brew House Taproom to enjoy beers and pizza with friends. 

Bridge Brew House. Handcrafted in full transparency from farmer to consumer.

Ps. Why in English you might ask. Pretty simple actually: It sounds better and we sell in the US too. As soon as we have time we will translate to Dutch. In case you have trouble reading English just use Google Translator.