Who are we?

This is the story on the origin and name of Bridge Brew House and its founders.

“It begins in the early 1900’s when my grandfather decides to open a hotel with restaurant and bar in the south of Holland. It’s named after the bridge that is just 100m away from the property. He runs the place with great success, partly thanks to my business-wise grandmother. In the 70’s my grandparents are forced to sell the place as the town needs to improve the infrastructure around the bridge, it’s demolished short after that. My grandfather retires. The original bridge doesn’t exist anymore, it was replaced in 2000. The only memories I have are the beer glasses with the image of the hotel in my parents’ cub board growing up. Naming the brewery after my grandparents’ hotel is a way to bring it back to life and honor their hard working life’s....” Reinier.

Bridge Brew House believes Beer should be appreciated for its unique taste, seasonal & known ingredients and brewing process. We believe that love should never be a compromise. Beer shouldn’t be either. Therefore we never compromise on our brews.

We decided to give it a go. So here we are!!!!


The story of the founders:

Reinier Schenk, Founder & Chief Brew Officer

“Making career in IT I was asked at a certain point to move to Boston MA. When I moved there, I knew nothing about IPA’s. Very soon colleagues introduced me to this (and many more other great American beers). I started to drink more and more Pale Ales and IPA’s, first with the very generic ones like Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas, later with more micro-breweries like Founders and Clown Shoes. I even started to visit breweries in New England (there are so many!!) and became more interested in the brewing process. I bought my first brew set with Northern Brewer and started brewing in the basement. Short after this we moved back to Holland (for another IT job) and I was very disappointed about the quantity and quality of IPA’s available, that’s when I decided to take my brewing more serious. More and more folks got excited by my story, Joost (already friends since a long time) is joining me on this great adventure.”

Joost van Gelder; Co-founder & Brew Creative

“Loving brands and good food, you could expect me to be a 1st generation craft beer junkie, surprisingly my story is a little different. I didn’t love craft beer at first taste at all. Instead I drunk easy going lager or industrial, so called premium pilsner. Nowadays it changed for the better. Under some initial pressure from my friends Reinier and Maarten, I needed to drink craft beers. To my own surprise, I slowly started to appreciate different kinds of beer and created an opinion about it. The moment Reinier and Maarten asked me to join this adventure I replied; Fuck let’s do it, but am not going to brew beer, I love to tell people that the taste of beer should never be a compromise. That’s my job. I am Joost AKA Brew Creative. ps. You can almost always wake me up to tell your opinion about Bridge Brew House”

Maarten van Erkel; Co-founder, now with early retirement

Maarten, our co-founder and friend, decided to go with early retirement to enjoy his family and fully focussing on his career as a talented physiotherapist. Luckely for him Maarten can still enjoy a no compromise brew from Bridge Brew House at home!




Cheers, Reinier & Joost